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Software to Transfer Files Between Mac and Android Devices

In the past, transferring files between two different operating systems would have been challenging. These concerns have been addressed thanks to the Android File Transfer package.

Main Features and Functions

Android File Transfer is essentially a streamlined method of sending files between Mac and Android operating systems. This is particularly useful for specific types such as QuickTime, as conversions would otherwise prove to be very difficult and complicated. Please note that this software package has been officially released via Android, so there are few questions in terms of reliability or authenticity. It is also possible to copy and transmit files up to 4 gigabytes in size; ideal for larger blocks of text or high-definition media.

A User-Friendly Option

Another benefit associated with Android File Transfer is that it is a very user-friendly option when compared to some other alternatives on the market. All that is required is a USB cable which can then be connected between two disparate devices. An installation wizard is provided prior to download, so the process itself is vastly simplified.


  • Chromebook computers are also supported by Android File Transfer.
  • A total file size of 2.8 megabytes will not negatively impact most operating systems.


  • There is currently no way to transfer files via a wireless connection.
  • Files larger than 4 gigabytes (such as an entire HD film) cannot be transferred.


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Android File Transfer


Android File Transfer 1.0 for Mac


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